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Keep Your Teeth in Excellent Shape

Looking and feeling your best starts with healthy teeth and gums. Do you know that poor oral hygiene may affect your health?

Regular dental cleanings and exams will not only keep your smile looking great, but it will keep gums and mouth as healthy as possible. Scheduling regular exams will give us the opportunity to catch problems before they become an issue. If it's been a while since your last cleaning and exam, your dentist and hygienists will get you back on track.

We offer various general dental services including mercury-free fillings and extractions. Call to schedule an appointment today!

Does the Thought of the Dentist Make You Nervous?

If dental visits cause you anxiety, we have various solutions that can help and make you feel more at ease. Jasper, our on-site therapy dog, calms those dental jitters. Patients from young people to seniors find that they are more relaxed during their visit with Jasper on their lap.

Since our founding in 2010, we've worked diligently to provide our patients with complete satisfaction with our dental services. We are locally and family-owned.

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