Importance of Regular Dental Checkups

Have you been meaning to schedule a visit with Dr. Dave Watkins of Watkins Family Dental? Dental checkups at your general dentistry office in Louisville, KY, help you protect your smile.

4 ways you benefit from checkups

Dental checkups offer many advantages, including:

  • Early diagnosis of cavities: You may have a cavity right now yet not even be aware that there's anything wrong. Unfortunately, by the time cavities do cause toothaches, they're usually fairly large. Smaller cavities are easier to treat and don't cause as much damage to your teeth. If you visit the dentist every six months for checkups, any cavities you do develop will never have enough time to become large.
  • Identification of other oral health issues: Your dentist will look for signs of other problems that can affect your teeth and gums during your checkup. They'll make sure that your fillings are in good shape and haven't come loose, and check the condition of bridges, crowns, dental implants, and other dental work. Your dentist can also spot issues that could affect your oral health, like cracks in teeth or gum disease. If you have any problems, They'll recommend helpful treatments.
  • Oral cancer detection: Among the general dentistry services provided by your Louisville, KY, general dentist are oral cancer screenings. Oral cancer, like many types of cancer, is much easier to treat when it's caught early. Unfortunately, oral cancer signs can be hard to spot at home. During every checkup, your dentist will check your mouth for lumps, bumps, white or red patches, non-healing sores, and other possible signs of cancer.
  • A sparkling clean smile: During your visit, you'll receive a dental cleaning that will remove plaque and tartar from your teeth. Plaque, a clear sticky film that covers your teeth, can cause cavities. If plaque stays on your teeth for over a week, it turns into a hard, brownish substance called tartar. Tartar and plaque increase your risk of gum disease. After your cleaning, your mouth will be free of plaque and tartar, plus your dental hygienist will remove surface stains that dull your teeth.

Is it time for you to book an appointment for one of the most preventive dentistry services? Schedule your dental checkup with your Louisville, KY, general dentist, Dr. Watkins of Watkins Family Dental, by calling (502) 423-7312.

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